Thursday, August 16, 2007

Angie's first birthday!

Angie's birthday Cake cutting
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August 12 was my niece Angelina Vanlalmalsawmi's first birthday. My sister Awmawmi and I reached Bhuj a day earlier. It was nice to meet again Marindiki, Isaac and Angie. The same night we arrived, we went out for dinner at Prince Hotel with their family friend Mrs. and Capt. Jadhav.

The birthday party was held at Officers' mess and it started from 8 pm. Angie was very happy and so was her parents. And we were happy there to see our lovely niece standing tall among her friends celebrating her first birthday. May God bless Angie and her family!

It was also nice to meet and interact with army officers like Col.Mehra, Lt.Col.Joshi, Maj.Sandeep, Capt.Jadhav, Capt. Verma, Capt.Maran and their families. The military campus was also well maintained. I remember the last time I visited Bhuj in 2001 as part of earthquake relief team; that time it was razed to the ground. Now, the city was rebuilt and was growing, and did quite well especially in tourism and hotel industry. We left in a hurry that night because Awmawmi and I had to catch 10:15 train to Ahmedabad as we had to attend office the next day. We reached Ahmedabd the next day around 6:30 a.m. It was indeed a party to remember!
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