Friday, October 07, 2005

After a month!

I'm back in the office after four days of liasoning for the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA) vice-governor Dr.Muhammad Al-Jasser. He came to Mumbai to speak at the FICCI-IBA Conference. Today was his last day in Mumbai and this morning, I accompanied him to the Airport. He said that the flight journey will be around three and half hours.

Jus for fun I told him what I calculated from there. The time difference between Mumbai and Riyadh is two and half hours. His flight timing is 10:30 AM (IST) and assuming that he adjust his watch 2 1/2 hours early as they reach, he will reach Riyadh at 11:30 AM (Riyadh time). One hour journey after flying for three long hours!!!

From Mumbai it took 2 1/2 hours to reach Kolkata. From Kolkata, it took nearly 1 hour to reach my place, Aizawl. That adds up to around 3 and half hours. That means there is not much difference in the time taken to reach the easternmost corner of India from Mumbai and the time taken to reach Riyadh from mumbai.

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