Saturday, October 07, 2006


Happy Weekend! Today I thought of scribbling something on the blog. However, I changed my mind. At home you have so many things to do especially when you are alone. All the pending personal activities during the weekdays are awaiting and are still sitting on your head :) . My sister Madiki called up from Aizawl in the morning. She said her daughter Angelina is now 5 kilos :)  Later on, just after I finished my lunch, another sis Awmawmi called up. We discussed about placements activities in TISS, especially in MSW and the present issues faced by the students. In between Pu Thuama called up and told me that he had sent a circular  to media at Aizawl. The circular was meant to be an advice to the Mizos in general and the young ladies in particular to watch out for possible cheats, especiallly when it comes to job offers relating to hotel industry. Late in the evening I went to Balaji Auto and left my car there for 'check up' to make sure that by tomorrow it should be in a healthy condition to take me to the Church which is around 35 KMs from home.

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Anonymous said...

hey bro..u lazy bum..y dont u alteast give a shrt detail on ur talking bout..u wrote 4 da sake of not doing!1 :) - awmawmi

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