Tuesday, December 05, 2006

BMCF Advance Christmas 2006

On December 3, 2006 Bombay Mizo Christian Fellowship (BMCF) celebrated Advance Christmas. With Christmas carols, special numbers, gift exchange and special snacks after the service, the young and the old alike enjoyed this evening special programme. BMCF Male Voice, comprising David, Maruata and James presented a special number - "God has revealed it". With Sharon (bassist) and Mercy playing guitars for her, Grace Miller sang a beautiful number "Jingle Bells Rock". They won applause from the crowd. Matluangtea, Mapuia and LR-a together sang a special number for the first time in BMCF. And Matluangtea's voice was melodious. ST-a and Hriatpuia's performace was excellent. ST-a's voice was beautiful as he sang his heart out celebrating the new born King, and Hriatpuia's guitar solo was awesome. And the snacks and the juice...and the presence of God in our midst...it was fun! God's grace.


Jinx said...

Whoaaa...didn't know Grace Miller's in Mumbai. Gud to see her sis in the background too :)

And James...singing..hmmm..will wonder never end? *_*

Maruata said...

Hi, yeah Grace is in Mumbai. She's working for Air India..and, James..of course..he is a very good singer....talent discovered in Mumbai :)

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