Sunday, July 10, 2005

Busy Weekend!

Its already half past two in the morning and I am still sitting in front of the window (windows 98!). Yesterday morning, I hurriedly left the house for office not knowing at all what doing things in such a hurried manner chould bring! When I reached the office, I tried my best to clear things on my table- any pending work, if any-as soon as possible. Because, right after lunch I had to attend a 2 hour lecture, and after that I wanted to leave straight for home. There were so much things to do for tomorrow. Monthly Newsletter of our Association has to come out tomorrow and, being one of the editors, I have to keep it ready in printed forms, at least 25 copies, by tomorrow morning. At tomorrow's Mizo church service I am supposed to lead the service and the Sunday school. I have to prepare myself by reading the Bible and the lesson book. I have to give Secretary's report too....More, wash my car,cooking, cleaning etc. etc...all time consuming things :)

The lecture was over and I was on the way to Churchgate station when in my mind I was allocating time for these activities. Then suddenly, something prompted me to check my bag for keys. Office drawer keys were there. I searched again. My house's door key was not there! That means I would not be able to enter my house, and worse I could end up spending the night at the house of some friends.If that is the case, I would not at all be in a position to accomplish these activities. And alas, tommorrow would be a disaster!!!

Without giving a second thought, I changed 'the course' and went straight toward VT Station. Awmawmi is keeping a key with her and I can take the key from her. But if shes not there..and she's likely to be not there because its weekend and she's very likely to go to movies to have a break from their hectic daily schedules...

When I reached, I saw her room mate and her friends. Awmawmi was not in the room. One of her friends went to look for her in the library-it was allready closed. Dining Hall (they called it DH) - shes not there...I was sure she went to movies...It was around 6..If I waited for 2/3 hours she might turned up, atleast to have dinner in the hostel DH. I was sitting at the hotel's visitors lounge and I started reading newspaper. After 20 minutes, she suddenly turned up. She didn't go to movies, but she went to Beauty Parlour in stead.I knew very well that I had little time to spare. But since I haven't explore their campus so far, we started doing that..meeting her new friends, boys and girls, mens hostel, girls hostel, basketball court, gym, classes, library, pmir building, etc...She also showed me Actress Karishma Kapoor's bungalow, which is just next to their campus. They shared the same boundary wall....not bad!

I joined them for dinner there in the DH. I met Siam and Dominic (Manipur Naga), both from MSW...They were new to Mumbai. So we invited them to come to my house after dinner. Dominic has important appointment the next day, so he declined. Siam joined us. When we eventually reached home, it was already late. And I knew I had to sit late. But, I am happy that, thanks to my sister, I could again enter my home sweet home!

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