Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Monster Monsoon!

It was dim and dull when the day got started. It was never bright anyway at any point of time during the day. Since morning I was busy with my bosses in making some estimations and I was totally unaware about what was happening outside. In the afternoon some of our staff approached me saying they wanted to leave early since train services were available only upto ghatkhopar. It was 4 pm. I looked outside, and it was partially dark, like 7:30 in the Mumbai evening.So, I told them to leave. I continued my work. However, one of the staff came back again saying that trains are not moving out from VT, and she had no place to stay. Shes going to central railway lines.

In Mumbai there are three local railway lines. Western lines, Central lines and Harbour lines. All the train started from the South. For central and harbour lines, trains started from victoria Terminus (VT) and for the western lines, train started from churchgate station. During monsoon, when the rain pours, the one that suffers the most is central lines.

I am staying at the western side of the City's suburb, so I used the western line. On hearing that news, I called up my friends asking about Western lines. It seems that the train stopped moving from Churchgate station. Talked to James too. He came to our office Main Building with Cherry, a friend from Hyderabad (She's originally from Shillong). He told me that he got information from his neighbour that his house is flooded and that his books, shoes, mattresses, etc. must be floating inside his house. The situation is bad everywhere. No mobile network, no train service, no place to stay, we're stuck in the South. Its gonna be a long evening.

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