Saturday, July 23, 2005


Its midnight now. Its so late now that all the events of the day I was planning to write became yesterdays events...ha Mizo its called 'ka chanchin sawi tur zawng zawng a thing zo vek alawm - lo chhuang lum mai rawh u'

I'm about to retire to bed now. And there is no longer any sound from 'the birds and the bees'; only a distant sound of a watchman's stick hitting the ground as he took rounds in the colony..tap..tap..tap...Got a call from Awmawmi two hours back. She told me that they were having a party in the evening at the campus and she really enjoyed. We discussed about acquiring a laptop computer. She's coming to my office tomorrow. Mom also called me up. She decided to come to Mumbai. She said that Air Deccan is launching flight service between Aizawl and Kolkata starting from July 25, 2005 and is offering around Rs.1200 for economy class. Thats a really good offer. Asked her if she can come with my sister, Madiki, who is planning to go to Delhi to join Isaac- at least upto Kolkata. Seems like she tried their number during the day and she could not reached them. I was planning to call them after dinner, but it was already 11 pm. So I changed my mind. Maybe tomorrow I'll call them.

I called up Pu Rinawma in the evening. Seems like he was just reaching Mumbai from Mysore. We talked about ceremonial opening of Mizoram House in Mumbai. The long awaited Mizoram House is going to be opened by Mizoram Health & Family Welfare Minister Pu Tlanghmingthanga on July 30, 2005. this is going to be a dream come true for mizo Mumbaikars and the Cancer patients who came all the way from mizoram to TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. To see thae condition of the House and to put some labels in the chairs etc. We might have to visit the venue today. He said he'll call me again to give me the necessary details.

In the evening after the office, on thursday, I went to Ding's quarter at Byculla. His wife Biak and daughter Lily, his sister Biakching and his cousin suanlal were there. His daughter Lily had really grown up. She's 14 months now. Ding showed me some of Lily's videos that he had created. His video output was really clean. Ding is a brilliant person. I joined them for dinner and left his house at around half past nine.

James is still in Ahmedabad. Last night (i.e thursday) after I left Ding's place, I went to his place at Juhu for his guitar and my car which I left the previous night. On my way home I went to meet Lalthana (Mapuia) at Kamal Chhaya, Veera Desai Rd. He was having dinner there. Later, I went to his place at Andheri. He told me that his father, who is presently admitted at Escort Heart Hospital, Delhi is likely to undergo surgery. His father, Pu Sangthuama, is a nice person. He was at Mumbai last year for a brief period.

The previous night I stayed over at James' place at Juhu Geetanjali Apartments since he was having high fever and food poisoning. I went straight to office the next morning and he too left for Ahmedabad in the evening. Hope he's fine.

I also got a call from Arun. He is presently at Ooty. He told me that his father passed away on Monday (July 18). Thats a very sad news indeed. He also told me that his mother already passed away in 2000. I could feel the pain he passed through as he explained the situation to me. I remember when my father passed away in August 2002, the news reached me at night. His funeral was already over, when I heard about it. I went home in two days. Folks said that I was handling the situation nicely. I was maintaining composure greeting friends and relatives visiting our home. To tell the truth, that was the most shattering moment of my life. It would be such a joy if we can live together forever with the people who are really close to our heart. I prayed for Arun. May his dear father rest in peace.


James C Lalremruata said...

Hi Maruat,
Thanks for everything. You were there for me when I was unwell. The Amedabad trip was mainly uneventful, I thak you for your prayers and well wishes.
I'm really sorry to hear about Arun's Dad. I'll remember him i my prayers. Thanks again.

Maruata said...

Hello James, welcome back to Mumbai. Yeah, this is really really a sad news.

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