Sunday, July 24, 2005

July 23

Was busy in the office the entire morning till the afternoon. Pu Rinawma called me up and told me that John will be waiting for us at Mizoram House, 'Sun Tower' to carry out some tasks relating to Mumbai Mizo Association (MMA). I called up Zira and Lawmtea. I informed them to be at Sun Tower at 4 PM. Awmawmi called me up around 2 PM saying shes having no class and shes coming over to the office. I was waiting for her in the office. After she reached, we went to SBI ATM and later to Sun Tower. lawmtea could not joined us since he had to go to Vashi to collect his parcel. Zira joined us there. After we were through with the task, we went to 'Hirapana' at Haji Ali and purchased a mobile for Awmawmi. Its Nokia 3220, brand new, with camera (both still and video) and voice recorder. After that we went to 'Crossroad' shopping mall at Haji Ali and we went home after half an hour.

Lian had invited group of friends for dinner and she called me too in the morning. As soon as we reached home. we went to Lian's place after informing her that Awmawmi was accompanying me. Pu Joshua and family, Khual, Mung and other friends were there. It was a delicious dinner. Pork, Naga style. Hot, oily, little spicy with fermented bamboo shoot.

I called up Mom and she told me that she took a Deccan Airlines flight ticket for August 5, 2005. Thats good news. She can travel with Marindiki upto Kolkata.

At night I practised a song for tomorrow's church service. the name of the song is "Ebenezar". Its a popular song in Mizoram. But in Mumbai we have to give extra effort to master such kind of songs. If we do well we may (possibly) sing it at the opening ceremony of Mizoram House on the 30th of this month. It will also depend upon how well I could teach and the response of the participants in the Church.

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