Saturday, July 02, 2005


Its early in the morning now. I am reading some materials for tomorrow's meeting. Since my sister Awmawmi moved to TISS' hostel last sunday, I am alone in the house again, just like my early days (of working) in Mumbai. James, Valtea and I went to TISS to drop her after the church service. The hostel allotted to her was Lady Hostel no.1. It was a multi seater. So, she's having five room mates. And the beds were all two tiers.She got the upper bed, right in the middle of the room. The hostel was just beside the institute's library and is not far from the class. An ideal place for a scholar.She called me up several times since then. Tonight, she called up again and she's coming tomorrow to collect some of her belongings.

The day we dropped her to the hostel, I too went to our training institute and stayed the night there instead of going home . The next day onward I was having three days training on Research Methodologes.I stayed three nights there. The training was useful and the food was good. It was a cool break from daily hectic life. Now, I am back in the office.

Today, I met James.I heard from him that his brother valtea got hostel admission at Hyderabad Central university (HCU).It was good news. valtea had recently cleared entrance examination for MA in Philosophy at HCU. James, on hearing that good news, made a strong statement. If he is not getting hostel admission there, he should come back to Mumbai and study here. But, fortunately Valtea got his hostel admission too. Bad news for James:) Staying all alone at home once again.

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James C Lalremruata said...

Maruat, I'm sure you r missing Omom-i. We all do. I still remember you inviting me to your house for dinner to have leftovers (chaw thing). Such a comedown from the usual sumptous fare that omom usually prepared for us. Anyways, looks like you and I are going to go back to our usual state of alone-ness; am not willing to call it loneliness !!!

Wish you all the luck.. ;-)

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